Spicy Pan Roasted Asparagus Topped With Jalapeños & Vegan Parmesan & Green Salad With Pickled Red Onions & Lemon Garlic Dressing

So kind of knew what we were having for dinner tonight, but it was not enticing me at all and was desperately craving a pizza.

Didn’t have the money so I had to make it work, so I went downstairs and got to work.

Pulled out the asparagus and salad (of which I already knew we were having it for dinner) and then noticed we had some jalapeños, celery, and parsley that needed to be used up and a bit of pickled red onion. I also had some vegan parmesan cheese (made with hemp seeds) that needed to be used sooner rather than later.

So first step: I made the salad. I got the lettuce together, cleaned and chopped up the celery and some celery leaves, throwing away the bad parts, and adding it to the bowl. Then I washed and chopped up some parsley and threw that in the bowl along with some scallions. So the salad consisted of lettuce, celery (leaves included), parsley (stems finely chopped for a bit more crunch), and scallions. Then I seasoned it with some celery salt & pepper.

Next I went to work on the dressing. I poured some olive oil in a mason jar with about 3 cloves of minced garlic. Squeezed a lemon into the jar, then added some dried basil, celery salt, pepper, and a bit of oregano. Then shook it up to mix, and voila, a delicious dressing.

Now for the asparagus, I heated 2 skillets over medium to medium high heat and added a tablespoon of coconut oil to both. I cleaned and chopped the jalapeños and did the same with the asparagus. The asparagus I tossed with a tbsp of olive oil, some chipotle chile pepper (using the last bit I had in a jar), some cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Then I threw the asparagus and the jalapeños in their respective pans, sprinkling a bit of salt on the jalapeños, and pan roasted them both. Once done I plated the asparagus, topped them with jalapeños and a bit of vegan parmesan, and then put the pickled red onions on the salad (I didn’t want the moisture from the red onions to wilt the lettuce).

And voilà, dinner was done and it was delicious (and I don’t miss the pizza).

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