Calendula Tea

I’ve been dealing with a bout of eczema for quite a while now. It started on my face, then I had another break out all over my legs one day after a workout, that could have also been hives. Then more recently it showed up under my arms. I do not need to describe how uncomfortable eczema is under your arms, but it’s almost like a million tiny needles in one of the most sensitive places on your body.

It’s possible that along with some foods, that I’m also allergic to some synthetic fabrics (mainly in my workout clothes). It could also partly be stress.

To deal with this and to try to get rid of it I’ve been drinking and applying calendula tea to the inflammation. It’s too early to tell whether the drinking is helping but I think it will so I’m going to keep doing it. But the external application is definitely helping, especially with the under arm area.

On top of that I’m applying my calendula & rose salve on it.

Here’s to hoping I can finally get rid of it.

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