What I Do When I feel Unwell

  1. Fresh air: I make sure that I continue to open the windows everyday for a while.
  2. Sunshine: I try to sit outside in the sun.
  3. Bathing: I don’t skip showers/baths. I bathe with castille soap with a couple of drops of Tea Tree essential oil, its antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. A couple of drops of Eucalyptus essential oil in the shower also helps with a stuffy nose, sinuses, chest, etc.
  4. I eat this garlic soup (which I really just need to have stocked in the freezer for when I need it).
  5. I eat this raw tomato soup (it has raw garlic (I add a bit more than the recipe calls for) and it’s delicious).
  6. I take shots of Fire Cider (something else that I need to have stocked and ready to go for when I need it).
  7. I drink pineapple juice for coughs (it works wonders).
  8. Lots of water, hot lemon water, & oranges.
  9. Rest.
  10. As soon as I start to feel better, I wash and change my sheets and my robe regardless of whether it’s time or not to do so.
  11. I rest a little bit more just to make sure it’s really gone and it isn’t coming back.

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