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I’m a one book at a time sort of gal. But I have tried and am trying again to have a fiction audiobook going at the same time (in theory it should work, especially if I’m reading a non-fiction book, which I am).

The idea is that I will read the non-fiction/heavier stuff throughout the day when I’m alert (in a state of activity), and listen to the fiction book (usually a cozy mystery, which is a favorite genre of mine) in the evening before bed (in a state of rest).

I started this series a while ago and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Completing it up until the latest one has become one of those silent projects in the back of my mind that I need to account for. I also have a backlog of other books sitting on my shelf that I want to read.

So I’m trying again to make this work. The other times I’ve done it I’ve gotten frustrated because I either feel like my attention is divided and/or I end up saying to myself “let me complete this one and then I’ll get back to the other.”

So here we go one more time, hopefully successfully. If not, I’ll just let the idea go and either my shelf or this series will go on the back burner.

Sidebar: I am not a fan of digital books, I like paper books, I like to hold it, feel it, write in it, & mark it up. I like to curl up under the covers with it, resting the book on my legs laying on my comfy pillow and turn the pages. If I love it, I keep a copy on my shelf. But I have come to have an appreciation for the audiobook. And I possibly would have an appreciation for digital books if I traveled more (you don’t have to carry your books with you, you can just take it with you on your iPad, Kindle, whatever you use), but I don’t travel that much nor with that many books.


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