Tea Routine/Ritual

So, I’ve made a tea routine/ritual. I have no idea if I will stick with it. I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with drinking the tea, I just don’t know if I will stick with the whole routine/ritual per se. It is as follows:

Morning: Lemon Water

Afternoon (Pre or Post Lunch depending on what I’m drinking): Eleuthero with Cinnamon & Chamomile

After Dinner: Ashwagandha

I’m pretty sure the morning and after dinner drinks will stay the same for extended periods of time, the afternoon might switch up a bit depending on what I have and what I’m dealing with.

Right now I’m trying out eleuthero, so that’s what I’m drinking. I decoct the eleuthero & a cinnamon ceylon stick, once that’s done I add 2-4 tbsp of chamomile depending on how chamomiley I want it and how stressful my day is. Then I sweeten with a bit of agave or maple syrup.

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