Living Seasonally

Been trying to get better at “living seasonally,” including eating seasonally. This idea and this rhythm has been in the background guiding most of my choices, but now it’s in the forefront.

When it comes to eating seasonally, which requires like most change, a time of adjustment (for me especially in winter), I’m trying to be more strict about it.

If that means that the only fruit I’m eating is apples, strawberries, & pineapple (which I love) for 3 months then so be it. I’ll enjoy them that much more and I’ll miss them that much more when they’re out of season and be even more excited and ready for them when they’re back in season.

There is something to be said for something not being available all the time.

Which also means right now is really not the time for two of my favorites, tomatoes & oranges, and that makes me sad.

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