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Most companies’ products today that are sold go a little like this (especially if they’re not clean/organic):

  1. Take something from nature
  2. Manipulate it until it no longer functions as it’s supposed to either with additional man-made substances or by manipulating the original material
  3. Add man-made chemicals, formulations, preservatives, and substances that do the exact opposite of what the product says it’s going to do
  4. Sell it back to you using the natural botanicals as a selling point as well as “expert” co-signing.

What you end up with:

A product with water as the first ingredient (this is correct, water is THE moisturizing agent), some oils, and at least 1-5 ingredients that do the exact opposite of the purpose of the formulation.

Not only that but they sell you stuff that you can either get yourself without the middleman and without the extra man-made stuff (in other words the product will do what it’s supposed to do) and/or things you can go get in the backyard or grow yourself.

And lastly you end up paying these companies for the pleasure of them either not fixing your problem and/or making your problem worse.

An example: Most skin products have at least 3-5 drying ingredients. Think about this in terms of anti-aging. A lack of moisture can lead to wrinkles. You buy an anti-wrinkle cream and while it may have some kind of material (usually from nature) that helps with wrinkles (probably by adding moisture) it also has 5 drying ingredients. So things may look superficially better (but they’re not) or it doesn’t work at all. Regardless, using this product the problem remains the same, and it never truly resolves itself.

Most companies are middlemen. Most experts are there to sell you their products.

You would be better off drinking water, buying some cold-pressed olive oil (or another kind of properly extracted oil) and some essential oil and calling it a day. Everything will do what it is designed to do with no middleman manipulating and adding things to either keep you buying their products or keep your problem from being fixed, or both.

This goes for lotions, beauty products, hair products, toothpastes, deodorants, all of these products. This also goes for products for men and women.

Get rid of the middlemen.

And if you don’t know what the ingredient is, 9 times out of 10 it’s something that will counteract the good ingredients in the product, thereby keeping your issue, the problem you’re trying to resolve, unresolved.

I do not exaggerate.

Sidebar: Most times when it comes to what goes in and on your body, YOU are the expert. With a little research and a little time you will know what’s best for you and your body and know more than at least 75% of experts. Why? How? Because your only concern is what is best for YOU. You have no other agenda. All “experts” have agendas and/or have learned from people who do, without exception. This goes for everyone from the companies to the doctors to the beauty/wellness/health blogs to the small mom blogger whose experiments you follow on social media. Don’t ever forget: You know best.

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