Everyday Salad

My absolute favorite salad. The only thing missing here is the cucumbers.

This is the salad I usually have for dinner along with copious amounts of homemade ranch dressing (recipe here).

A sidebar on the ranch dressing: the simplest and most delicious recipe I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a few, homemade and store bought. They are usually too vinegary or too sweet for me, or they just ain’t quite right. Or they’re not as simple as I need them to be to make almost EVERY DAY. Or they have a whole bunch of stuff in it that I don’t want to eat. Enter this recipe, it’s perfection.

A couple of me tips: I use the whole cup of cashew cream, up the acv to 1 1/2 tsp, double every seasoning except the salt & pepper. The pepper I guesstimate because I use the grinder thing, and I always end up adding a little extra dill at the end.

A little hot sauce drizzle on the salad after the dressing and dinner is done.

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