It’s Hard To Have A Truthful Conversation

It’s hard to have a truthful conversation when beginning with a lie. Even harder when the foundation of something is a lie.

Jewish essentially means “of Judah.”

Anti-semitic means to be against a semitic people.

“You will know them by their fruit.”

What is the fruit of the entertainment industry?

And if their fruit is not of the Father, then whom do they serve?

Even Israel had to walk in The Way or be cut off from its people.

To put it plainly, they’re not Jews, they’re not semitic, they’re not Israelites, and they definitely do not serve the Father.

I am not talking about your everyday “Ashkenazi Israelite”, these are descendants of converts and they walk in The Way. (I use these terms for convenience, Biblically, “Israel is a nation obligated to do what God commands”1, not a religion, so these would be the strangers living amongst the Israelites ie. living the way they lived—following the commands of God)

Biblically all you have to do to be a stranger amongst the Israelites is to obey the commands of God. This is also required in the New Testament.

But I am talking about the people who are not ethnically Jewish and do not even adhere to the Noahide laws let alone walk in The Way. These people are NOT what we mistakenly call “Jewish” in any form or fashion, in fact a lot of times they represent the exact opposite of what “Jewish” is supposed to mean, “a nation obligated to do what God commands.”1

Also: Zionism is a political movement that has nothing to do with the Israelites and the Star of David has absolutely nothing to do with the Father.


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