Reading The Word/The Torah/The Tanakh/The Bible

It is imperative that you take the time to read through the entire Bible as a whole periodically and not just broken up & chosen for you (by someone else) passages.

  1. When you read it as a whole, you read everything in context. (As a side effect you start to realize how much the Word is taken out of context).
  2. The passages that you read, whether they be in church, synagogue, the Torah readings, devotionals, etc. were all chosen by other people for you. A lot of the time, these people have/had their own agendas and biases. And sometimes they have/had their own reasons for doing what they’re doing/did or saying what they’re saying/said. Reasons other than “this is what the Father told me to do” (which is the only acceptable reason).
  3. In doing this, while asking the Father for wisdom & discernment as you read it, you gain a deeper understanding of not only the Father, but Yahushua, their love for you, this world, and your purpose, it’s all there.

Also, Torah means Instruction, not law. These are Instructions for life from the Father to his children. Act accordingly.

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