The Reality Of Time

There are only 12 hours in a day, not 24.

24 hours encompasses the day and the night cycle. The phrase “24 hours in a day” is at best incorrect and at worst a lie.

From sunrise to sunset is day, 12 hours (approximately). From sunset to sunrise is night, 12 hours (approximately), which equals one 24 hour cycle.

So in reality you do not have 24 hours in a day, nor 24 hours to get things done, you have 12 hours.

How does that change your schedule?
How does that change your priorities?
How does that change what you can realistically get done in one 12 hour day, one week, one year, a lifetime? How does it change it negatively? What about positively?

At first this may seem like bad news, but I promise you it’s absolutely wonderful news.

Hopefully not only does this make your schedule much more focused and you become much more selective with those precious 12 hours of work and those precious 12 hours of rest, of which minimally 8 are for sleeping, but you will also have more time to spend with your family and be refreshed.

So the next time someone says “you have 24 hours in a day,” remember you really don’t. You have 12. You have 12 hours in your day to get done what you need to get done, the rest is for family, hobbies, rest, & sleeping.

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