How To Live An Easy(ier) Life

Do hard things.

If you can barely walk up a flight of stairs without breathing heavy, sign up for a beginner marathon or walk and commit to training for it and completing it.

Watch the stairs get easier, Watch all activity get easier, Watch problems get easier to deal with.

If you have a hard time telling the truth, commit to always telling the truth no matter how small and if there’s a situation where it would not be wise or you think it would be better not to tell the truth, don’t lie, commit to keeping your mouth closed.

Watch relationships get easier, Watch problems get easier to deal with, Watch dead weight be removed from your life, Watch life get better.

Decide to take up rock climbing, and see how it affects the rest of your life. Decide to truly make an effort with your family, and see the net positive effect it has on your life.

There’s only one caveat: They must be wise things.

Uprooting your life and moving all the way across the country away from all your friends & family may be hard (depending on how you look at it—sometimes no attachment is easier than attachment), but it’s not necessarily wise.

Things that are generally wise: improving physicality/movement (the body is one—physicality not only helps physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually), tackling your bad habits (I don’t mean your diet or biting your nails, though those also could help—I mean the ones you don’t want people to know about: lying, jealousy, need for social approval, etc.), improving important relationships.

That’s the trick: for an easier life, do hard things (but wisely).

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  1. Antoinette Miles

    I love this. An easier life = doing what we call hard things. You should post this in CWC.

    1. Thanks so much and will do.

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