Busy Busy Busy In The Kitchen

Been busy busy busy in the kitchen but haven’t felt like taking any pictures. Also didn’t cook a lot last week. This week so far has been a week of prep: veggie broth, vegan sausage, pre-cook lentils for a recipe, make gluten-free flour, make gluten-free pancake mix (in which I ran out of some things and am improvising a bit), try new brownie recipe, make baked beans from scratch for the first time.

Later this week I’m trying out a couple of new recipes and I wanted to get some of the work out of the way: A vegan full English breakfast (From Frasier to Poirot, I have seen these on tv and always wanted to try it, so I found a recipe) and vegan lentil meatballs.

It has also been a time of study. I picked back up reading the Mishneh Torah & Shulchan Arukh, and I’m attempting to go a bit deeper in my studies of Herbalism. Also perfecting and experimenting with the whipped calendula cream.

Photos might be back soon.

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