Ginger & Pine


What the kitchen countertop looked like today.

I’m a bit obsessed with making ginger syrup (and I’m not even a big solitary ginger person. I enjoy it in dishes but I’m not going to eat ginger candy or drink the lemon ginger tea you find at the grocery store).

But I’m pretty sure this ginger syrup is going to be a staple; it’s perfect for so many things. It’s super tasty but medicinal at the same time, perfect for its warming properties, super helpful as a digestive aid and for easing nausea, and wonderful for colds & the flu.

And then if that wasn’t enough, there seem to be so many wonderful ways to use it. It “can be poured over ice cream, stirred into oatmeal or yogurt, can be used in place of traditional pancake syrup, used in marinades/sauces, stirred into hot tea or sparkling mineral water. Take a spoonful if you’re not feeling well, if you’re nauseous, or if you’re suffering from sluggish digestion.” (source)

Truly it is delicious stirred into sparkling mineral water (and it does taste like a natural, healthy ginger ale). Really interested to try it over pancakes, yum, so delicious.


I just had to try to get one more use out of the materials I used for the syrup, so I did an infusion with the leftover materials. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it or if it will even be useful, we will see.

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