Why Water Is Weird, Frequencies, And What Makes Us Sick

Disclaimer: The following is from a collection of disparate things that have grabbed my attention and are somewhat connected (at least in my mind). These are not fully formed thoughts. But I think interesting and informative if not revealing nonetheless. Also, I do not agree with all of the ideas in the following connected (at least in my mind) outside sources.

Appetizer: (Note: please watch this video with discernment, the only thing I’m really paying attention to here is the “weirdness” of water.)


“The ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, synapses, neurotransmitters and blood-brain barrier represent just a partial list—and I do mean partial—of things of which I either doubt the existence or suspect their function is different from what we have been told. If you are still wondering what we are made up of, the reality is more beautiful, simpler, easier to understand and more logical and rational. The real answer to what we’re made of is structured water. Structured water, which creates free electrons, is the only possible explanation for how we’re able to instantaneously wiggle our index finger when we hear the word “right” or left.”

Structured Water
FIGURE 2. Dark-field microscope image of cells showing cell membrane, nucleus, mitochondria and structured water.

Figure 2 is an image of a cell produced with dark-field microscopy, which is the most reliable technique for viewing live, unstained biologi­cal samples. In the image, you see a thin membrane (the outer coating); you see organized water (also called structured water, coherent water, EZ water, the fourth phase of water or liquid crystalline water); you see little black dots in the structured water (the mitochondria) and you see a nucleus that is always circular or dome-shaped—and that’s it.

Note that the mitochondria help structure our water by making ATP—which is not “energy” as we’ve been told. Think of struc­tured water like jello. If you add water to gelatin proteins, nothing happens, but if you heat the mix­ture, the heat unfolds the proteins and you get water that gels. As for us, we have all these proteins, and the mitochondria make the ATP that unfolds them so that the pro­teins can interact with water and form gels. All gels create a negative charge and an electromagnetic field around them, which is the voltage—the energy—of life. To put it simply, we are living liquid crystals.

The dome in the middle (the nucleus) also has something sticking out that collects energy from the world. It may be DNA, but it is not a double helix—it’s a spiral sticking out of the nucleus. The way it works is similar to a radio antenna. It “downloads” information coming in through “radio waves” that get picked up by the “antenna,” and out of that emerge proteins and life (or sound and song in the case of a radio). And this dynamic, tunable, responsive, liquid crystalline medium pervades the whole body—from the organs and tissues to the interior of every cell.

…If we now circle back to “what doesn’t make us sick,” we could sum­marize the answer in one word: “viruses.” And if we ask, “What does make us sick?”, the answer is also straightforward. We get sick when we mess up our structured water. If we disturb the gels by putting “schmutz” in them—which could be aluminum, mercury, glyphosate, bad food, EMFs, or even negative emotions like anger, fear, shame or guilt—that will distort or dissolve the gels. If we do that in our eye, we get a distorted gel that has a film on it, and we call that a “cataract.” If we distort the bursa in our knee, so that the gels that are supposed to protect both sides of the knee start sticking together, then we have bone on bone and we call that “arthritis.”

From: What Does—and Doesn’t— Make Us Sick


Frequency = is the number of cycles, or vibrations, per second. With sound this is measured in Hz. Vibrations are the basis for everything in life. Every vibration has it’s own frequency, and exposing yourself to positive vibrations can be incredibly healing…

Music tuned to the 432Hz frequency is known to transmit beneficial healing vibrations…

This is the frequency, the natural vibration, of the earth.

Healing frequencies bring water into coherence. Humans are 70% water. Simple really.


After Dinner Thoughts:

What energies are you collecting from the world?

What are you putting in your water?

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