Everything the world teaches or preaches seems to be topsy-turvy, meaning at the very least it is an outright lie and/or the opposite is true (more times than I care to count the opposite is true).

For example, the world, ie. culture, will have you thinking that the Bible restricts “life”, when it actually gives life.

The world will have you thinking that “nepotism” is a bad thing, when looking after one’s own is what everyone is supposed to do.

The world will have you thinking that leaving your kids a heritage or an inheritance is a bad thing, or a thing that makes them “privileged”, which in this day and age = bad. But the truth is that this is one of the main tenets of being a parent, leaving your kids something, leaving them a tangible legacy, leaving the next generation better off.

The world will have you counting your water intake to make sure you haven’t drank too much and cutting out tomatoes from your diet while eating processed junk and drinking synthetic electrolytes.

There are many more examples of this but for brevity’s sake I’ll continue.

One place that I haven’t applied this thinking, this thing that I’ve found to be true more often than not, is in sexual relationships between men and women.

We tend to think that men are the ones who always want and/or are thinking about sex, but what if that’s not so? What if that’s conditioning?

What if it’s naturally women who always want and/or are thinking about sex?

Stereotypically, who is the one in the relationship who needs/wants the most love, attention, and affection? What happens when they don’t get it? What is sex? (I’ll answer that for you: love, attention, and affection)

What if the whole male = oversexed is a bastardization of the way things are supposed to be? What if it’s topsy-turvy?

So if this is true then we have a whole lot of men out here acting like unhealthy females when it comes to sex.

Which most likely connects to a whole lot of women out here not properly made love to. And a whole lot of divorce. And a whole lot of hurt people and bad “relationships”.

So to put it clearly:

We’ve got oversexed men acting like unhealthy females.

And unhealthy females acting like unhealthy females.

For a healthy male, sex is not the end all be all and definitely not with all different kinds of women.

For a healthy female, sex in the context of true love might be the end all be all, it’s that connection, but definitely not with all different kinds of men.

What is the end all be all for men? I’m not a man, I don’t know. My best guess right now would be to have a helper, a companion, and someone to love. But I don’t know.

But in both cases it’s in the context of love and with one person.

The helper and the connection.

The lover and the beloved.

So in the context of relationships how would this play out?

What should men be looking for? A companion, someone whom they can love and someone who they enjoy spending time with.

What should women be looking for? Someone who loves them, someone who keeps them safe, and has no problem making love to them properly and regularly (love, attention, & affection).

*Yes, when I say sex is quite literally love, attention, and affection that’s what I mean. Just because something is used incorrectly or bastardized doesn’t mean that what it is has changed. If I put coffee creamer in my orange juice, it’s still coffee creamer even though there was no coffee involved.

*These are just thoughts, not fully formed.

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