Don’t Forget The Analog

When allocating things to the digital, when allocating things anywhere really, don’t forget the analog, don’t forget the skill you’re allocating (or at the very least recognize that once allocated, if not practiced, that skill will be lost).

An example: When using your Apple Watch or your Oura Ring to track everything make sure you don’t forget how to listen to your body. Your body knows when it needs a rest day and it will tell you. And if you’re not accustomed to listening to your body, possibly start cultivating that before jumping into digitally tracking everything.

Another example: If I decide to allocate all of the graphic design work that I used to do to an assistant, my graphic design skills will eventually rust and/or possibly disappear. I have to decide if this is a skill that I want to keep up, which means I will have to practice it even though I’ve allocated my graphic design work, or if I’m willing to lose it. Either way there’s a choice to be made.

There’s really no exception to this. We are finite creatures with limited bandwidth.

Losing graphic design skills might not hurt you too bad, not knowing how to listen to your body will.

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