Warm Arugula Salad With Spicy Basil Citrus Dressing & Roasted Purple Cabbage

This salad was inspired by this blog post and a salad I used to eat all the time in college. It was from this place called (if I remember correctly) Mr. Everything’s and the salad was called an “Everything Salad” and it is still my favorite salad of all time (even though I don’t eat some of the ingredients anymore).

All I remember is going to this little hole in the wall and they would throw all of these veggies on the grill (like one of those flat grills they make cheesesteaks on), and season them (so delicious). Then they would throw cheese on top of the veggies and let it melt, and then in your to go container was a bed of I think shredded iceberg lettuce. They would throw the veggies and cheese on top of the lettuce, and I would top it with ranch dressing. (Most delicious thing ever).

I never thought to try to recreate it (to solve my “it’s too cold to eat salad problem”) until I read the aforementioned blog post, but it’s absolutely perfect.

This particular version includes arugula for lettuce, roasted red and yellow pepper, roasted poblano pepper, roasted red onions, warmed and seasoned tomatoes and green onion with a spicy basil citrus dressing (basil, chives, 2 limes, lemon, salt, pepper, thyme, cayenne pepper & a couple of red pepper flakes, olive oil, and a bit of water because I was running out of olive oil). So good.

*Ok so I just looked up online to see if they were still kicking and if they’re online, and indeed they are. I have no idea if it is as good as it used to be, but it’s still going (love to see it), and they still have the salad, or a version of it. Next time I think I’m going to try to recreate the Mr. Everything version (without the cheese).

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