Orange, Ginger, & Cinnamon Bitters


I made a Calendula syrup & a Hibiscus syrup a couple of days ago to add to sparkling water (I was too tired to fool with pictures that day). And I thought bitters would be the perfect thing to go with it.

This is either my first or second time making bitters, can’t quite remember. But it was definitely my first time making a Hibiscus syrup and a Calendula syrup. The Hibiscus I was pretty sure would be delicious, the Calendula surprised me a bit. I made it because I enjoy Calendula tea and thought it would possibly also be tasty as a syrup. I was right. It was really delicious with a bottle of mineral water and a squeeze of lime.

Calendula is good for you in so many ways, as is Hibiscus. And not only that but the syrup also does double duty as a medicinal syrup. So I can use it simply for taste and good health in cooking & beverages or take it as medicine to deal with relevant ailments. I love that: multipurpose, economical, food as medicine and medicine as food.

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