Sweet Brussel Sprouts With Spicy Fennel & Thyme Yellow Rice


So I had a taste for some yellow rice. I hadn’t had it in a really long time. I searched for it in the grocery store and most of the ingredients in all of the options were less than desirable.

Lo and behold I read this article in Bon Appétit and felt like my yellow rice prayers had just been answered. I didn’t have fried onions (was going to substitute onion powder but was out of that as well), so just used turmeric, minced garlic, and black pepper. It might not be the traditional yellow rice recipe but it was delicious.

Next time I will include the onion powder or fried onions and I will use vegetable broth instead of water and see if that makes it even better.

After it was done I threw in a little fresh thyme and paired it with some sweet brussel sprouts and spicy fennel. Yum.

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